Auden smoking. Duh.


I enjoy reading it, I appreciate it when I do, and I have a few tomes of it squeezed into my bookshelf. But still, I’m not really sure if I understand it how I’m supposed to.

I’m studying a creative writing module at university, and it’s probably one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done (clearly, my life is terribly exciting), and when it comes to writing prose everything goes smoothly. I also have to write poetry, though, and that’s where I get a little confused. In my doomed attempts at it, I submitted a ten-stanza free verse poem about abortion, with such glittering phrases as ‘a blurred face in the crook of a coat hanger’, ‘a dark that spreads, fine-fingered’, and ‘a frayed, suspended moment’; all of which are designed to trick you into believing that you’re reading some kind of poetry. Deep, man. In reality, however, I have no idea what I’m doing. If it all goes to plan I might have one or two of you fooled (and hopefully my professors, too).

If I’ve learnt anything, it’s that I’ll probably never be a poet, whatever that entails. I mean, when even Google can write poems, where does that leave us?

Maybe I’ll abandon my literary/journalistic dreams in favour of Craigslist prostitution or self-publishing an ebook about misogynistic kink. Who knows what the future holds.

Right now I should be making a start on another 75 lines of poetry for an exam, but it seems much more exciting to construct verse out of things from my twitter feed. Sources include my close friends Vogue, very.co.uk (which I can assure you is the result of a retweet and not a follow), Vice, StyleCaster,  and, of course, Busy Phillips.


AnOther (structured) Monday,
A crazy early morning.
How to make hair look gorgeous.
5 Pregnancy Pointers.
15 Fashionable Duffle Bags For Weekend Getaways.
Is it time for a wardrobe update?
This shoulder bag from Joanna Maxham will go with everything.
Next stop is MAN,
Pure, raw and minimal.
My dream goal is to raise my children here.
Oh, to be a fly on the wall.
Indonesian women have been banned from straddling motorbikes.
How do you rank a racehorse?

— by Twitter

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