We’ve already celebrated the old, but with freshers fast approaching, it’s time for the young. If you too-often find yourself staring vacantly into your wardrobe in an angsty episode of WHO AM I ?? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN ?? WHY DO I DRESS LIKE A MIDDLE AGED CAR PARK ATTENDANT ?? then you probably need to get your hands on the latest edition of i-D magazine – the Just Kids issue. It’s a celebration of being young, and it’s a lot of fun. There are some great editorials that totally tear the snobbery out of fashion and just might have you rinsing Ebay of metal studs and tie-dye supplies. Why not turn heads? Why not scare OAPs at the bus stop? Come on. Dye your hair pink, tattoo your knuckles, pierce things that aren’t on your face and blow your loan on the most loco threads you can get your…

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