I’ve been interning at Wonderland for almost three weeks now and I’m having a blast.  Aside from transcribing, interviewing and writing, I’ve pretty much been doing what I do at home – scrolling blogs for hours at a time and getting excited about album releases. The difference being that I’m doing it in an intimate office with my gastronomical pick of Notting Hill on lunch breaks. It’s a good deal all round, and I’ve learnt a lot of amazing stuff about the work behind a magazine. I’ll never call them overpriced ever again.

Doing research has led me to a lot of really good artists and photographers, and to rediscover ones that I’d forgotten. So, especially since I’ve been totally neglecting The Zemblan over the last few weeks, I thought I’d compile a list of a few of them. Here goes.


Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader are a creative duo dealing in photography, video, gifs and interactive imagery. I’m interviewing them on Monday, which is really exciting because I’m a big fan of their work. Check out their website for some of the crazier stuff involving pizza and basketball.


I’m also interviewing this guy. He’s working in the same sort of vein with photography, gifs and video. He’s only just graduated and he’s already done work for Vice Style and Adidas Originals. Luckily the Q+A is going to be over Facebook, so I won’t have the issue of concealing the bitter jealousy in my voice.


Mehigan is an artist as well as the creator of Cavity zine. I suggest you have a real delve into her network of websites – she’s some sort of blogging guru. There are hours of visual bingeing to be done so get to it.



Kowk is a recent fashion graduate who won the G Star Raw talent prize for her degree show. I really love what I’ve seen of it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was about to receive a phone call from Björk demanding some threads.


A week or two ago I spoke to Stefanie Braun, the curator of the Deutsche Borse Photography Prize, for Wonderland. The prize is on at The Photographers’ Gallery in London until early September, so check it out if possible. Rinko Kawauchi is a nominated photographer and I really like her work.

Rinko Kawauchi – Untitled, from the series ‘Illuminance’ 2009 © Rinko Kawauchi

Rinko Kawauchi – Untitled, from the series ‘Illuminance’ 2009 © Rinko Kawauchi


Hugo is also a nominee for the Prize. He was selected for a series called ‘Permanent Error’ which was taken on the world’s largest landfill site for broken computer parts in Ghana. I’m sort of in awe of his work. The first two images below are from ‘Permanent Error’ and the second two are from ‘Nollywood’.


I’ve seen Stezaker’s work several times in exhibitions and books, but his name never really stuck until I discovered him again at the Deutsche Borse Photography prize alongside the aforementioned two. I’ve made one of his collages my laptop wallpaper. SUPER FAN!

John Stezaker – Siren Song V 2011, Collage, 25.7 x 20.3 cm
Courtesy of the artist and The Approach, London

John Stezaker – Muse (Film Portrait Collage) XVIII 2012, collage, 27.7 x 22.8 cm
Courtesy of the artist and The Approach, London

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