I know I’m a bit late on the boat, but here’s an article about Andrej Pejic and the various joys of gender-bending fashion. I wrote it for the Exeter Fashion Society blog, which I maintain for my University. Enjoy:


The fashion industry is one that celebrates uniqueness. Kids who are bullied for their looks at school become supermodels, men wear dresses, tables become skirts and mobs of pastel-clothed Courtney Love look-alikes dance like puppets to Offenbach. Ok, so the last couple of things only happened once, but a boy can dream. My point is that the world of fashion is, in theory, where you can be whoever you want to be. However, clothing also polices gender, splitting the population in two according to sex. Where does this leave those who aren’t content with traditional gender labels? Will the open-mindedness of high fashion filter down to the highstreet and eliminate the escalator separating the women’s floor from the men’s?

Andrej Pejic has been the model of the moment since he was scouted in his teens. The details of his discovery are a much mythologised topic: was he found behind the tills of McDonalds? Was it at a swimming pool?…

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