Part of the reason I set up this blog was to broaden my knowledge. Writing gives me an incentive to research, and research = knowledge. I thought that I’d share some of my favourite new discoveries, focussing on knitwear, which is an area which I’ve always been interested in. There’s nothing quite like pulling a soft, heavy jumper over your head on a lazy day.

I’m into James Long‘s AW12 knitwear in a big way, especially this beautiful ivory scarf/jumper combo. It looks like it belongs in a blustery Scandinavian fishing village (where I’d like to be right now), and I just want to give it a great big, warm, fuzzy hug.

James Long AW12/13, photo courtesy of Anastasia and Duck

I’m also excited by the yarn stylings of London-based knitwear house Sibling. They first made waves in 2008 for their subversive take on men’s knitwear, and have maintained credibility and a sense of humour ever since. They have also broadened their horizons with a Sister division for womenswear.


Glittery knitwear from Sister by Sibling (photos by Susie Lau)

Craig Lawrence‘s knitwear is elegant and sculptural, utilising metallic yarn (he champions Kyototex) to create luxurious and otherworldly garments. He studied at Central Saint Martins and worked on the knitwear for six seasons of Gareth Pugh before launching his first eponymous collection in 2010. In other words, he’s very very talented and I want to be him. Björk, Tilda Swinton and Patrick Wolf have all worn his creations, and they continue to make an impact.

Craig Lawrence AW12 and AW11

Mei Lim-Cooper is another knitwear talent from Central Saint Martins. The images below are from her graduate collection, about which she told Dazed + Confused: ‘It is not about being super feminine or body-conscious; it is more about a feeling of easiness’. This notion comes through in the soft yet highly sculptural knits of the collection. The pieces can be worn in multiple ways, the various slits and openings able to hold arms or neck. This is really interesting stuff, and Lim-Cooper allows her work to take on an organic life of its own.

Mei Lim-Cooper AW12

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