I just had the pleasure of discovering ‘Love Tits‘, a design collaboration between sisters Molly and Alice Goddard. Their tops are simple, attractive and have a sense of humour. Also, add one letter to the brand name and you get a Peaches song: Lovertits. I’ve been wanting to celebrate Peaches, that most energetic and raw musician/performance artist , for a while now, and I think I just gave myself the chance.

[this came up as a suggested video for that one… make of that what you will]

For years Peaches has been pouring out sexy music and ecstatic, sweaty, gender-blurring live performance. She’s difficult to categorize, but I imagine she can be hailed as some sort of post-modernist, neo-feminist, experimental, glam-shock, art-pop something or other. She even sung in Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo in Berlin recently. She’s afraid of nothing, and I’m pretty sure there’s nothing she can’t subvert in some brilliant, cool way. Gender and sexuality are definitely the main topics that come to mind with her work, and they are obviously things she gives a lot of thought to herself. This is what she had to say to The Guardian (yes, she made it into The Guardian) about the title of her 2003′ album Fatherfucker:

“Why do we call our mothers motherfuckers? Why do we stub our toe and say, “Aww motherfucker!”? What is a motherfucker? … We use it in our everyday language, and it’s such an insanely intense word. I’m not one to shy away from these obscene terms that we actually have in our mainstream. Motherfucker is a very mainstream word. But if we’re going to use motherfucker, why don’t we use fatherfucker? I’m just trying to be even [to both sexes].”

And on sex:

“All people have sex, not just the Pamela Anderson lookalikes. It’s so dull, this idea that sexy is blonde hair and big tits. Everyone is sexual, everybody has sex. And that’s not so say everybody should be all rampant and fuck everybody. I’m just saying, ‘Find your own, it’s OK.’ If it’s quiet, that’s cool too.”

Something I love about Peaches is her boundless confidence. She says fuck it to skinnyness, fuck it to age-worry, fuck it to armpit shaving and fuck it to conservatism. She confesses to ‘hermaphrodite envy’ rather than ‘penis envy’, and wishes that people would ‘come in’ not ‘come out’. Furthermore, she loves her tits. As far as I can see from the thin, nymph-like ideal of the catwalk, the fashion industry isn’t a big lover of them (or anything obstructing our view of the skeleton, for that matter), so from Peaches and I to you: LOVE TITS.

Sing me out, Peaches.

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